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Link to pre-recorded graduation ceremony with speeches and reading of each graduate’s name.

Yearbook Announcement to Students and Parents:
The yearbook staff has done it: the 2020 Trillium is complete and sent off to the printer. Thank you for your photos, and your patience. This one wasn’t easy!

Preordering - As of June 10 we have just a few more yearbooks.  YearbookOrderCenter.com (school code: 14201) is open through June 12 to preorder or purchase Direct Shipping.

Distribution - Our timeline for printing and distribution was pushed forward significantly when the printer had to close for 6 weeks, then reopen with reduced staff due to social distancing. At this point we do not have a date for distribution, but we will provide details as soon as they are available.

We look forward to sharing your 2020 yearbook with you. It will certainly be worth the wait! 

Not the same
View the THS Distance Learning Video Here! 


Security Update:
All Visitors must have a photo I.D. to enter Trumbull High School. 
Entrance and Sign-In takes place at the front of the building only.