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 The 2019 edition of our school magazine, CREATIVE MINDS, is here! 

Major Event Calendar lists important end-of-year dates and times.

Important Documents Regarding Graduation
Letter to Parents
2019 Graduation Guide
2019 Graduation Behavior Guide
Procedure for Student Removal (Must be signed and returned to receive tickets)

2019 POST PROM Party sponsored by the THS PTSA.  The party runs from 11pm until 3am! Don’t miss out on all the food, fun, games, entertainment, and raffle prizes!  Each student must complete this online registration and follow the link to print out and return the waiver form. Registrations and waivers are due to the main office by May 17th.

 YEARBOOK: 2019 yearbooks are on sale now! Preorder by the end of February by visiting www.yearbookordercenter.com(code 14201). There will be no additional yearbooks ordered for purchase in the spring.

SENIOR YEARBOOK DEDICATIONS & BUSINESS ADVERTISING: Senior Dedications are online this year. We have a limited amount of space left, and when the space is gone we will close the dedications option. Please purchase and design your dedication by visiting www.yearbookordercenter.com (code 14201). Use this form for more information. Contact Trillium if you have any questions: THSTrillium@gmail.com. 



Advisory Assignments 
Transportation Information 
A.H.E.R.A. Asbestos Management Plan
Integrated Pest Management Plan
Bell Schedules 2018-19 (Revised)
High School Attendance / Loss of Credit Policy 5113
BYOD and Digital Citizenship at Trumbull High School
Dress Code Protocol
Electronic Device Protocol
Student Network/Internet Use Policy
Student Use & Possession of Smoking Products, Tobacco Products, Drugs & Alcohol



Security Update:
All Visitors must have a photo I.D. to enter Trumbull High School. 
Entrance and Sign-In takes place at the front of the building only.