Acceptance and Waitlist letters are sent out by the end of January every year.


High school students from Trumbull and nine other surrounding towns participate in the Regional Agriscience and Biotechnology program, supported by the Trumbull Board of Education and the State of Connecticut. Agriscience students are afforded the opportunity to work in state-of-the-art labs to study organic chemistry and biotechnology. Those students with an agricultural orientation learn about animal sciences for future careers in fields such as veterinary medicine, animal husbandry and equine science. Plant Science careers include landscape design, greenhouse management and high-tech professions, including hydroponics and tissue culture.

Recent News: The Center received a designation from the state of Connecticut as the #1 school for teaching plant science in the state. In 2014, we received this same designation for the teaching of animal science. 


Agriscience Director, Dr. Tremaglio, said,

"Agriscience/Biotechnology offers interested students an unprecedented opportunity to enter fields of study which will be in demand in the immediate future and for years to come, as well as being exposed to scientific, technologic, and "hands on" activities that will become a solid foundation for their post-secondary education."