Our Core Values and Beliefs Statement:
The Trumbull High School Community, which engages in an environment conducive to learning, believes that all students will read and write effectively, therefore communicating in an articulate and coherent manner. All students will participate in activities that address problem-solving through critical thinking. Students will use technology as a tool in decision making. We believe that by fostering self-confidence, self-directed and student-centered activities, we will encourage independent thinking and learning. We believe ethical conduct to be paramount in sustaining our welcoming school climate.
There is one high school in Trumbull and 3 additional programs.
Agriscience-Biotechnology is open to students from Trumbull as well as several surrounding communities. Enrollment is by application only.
The Trumbull Alternate School is an extension of Trumbull High School. This setting offers students the opportunity to succeed behaviorally and academically in a small classroom environment.
REACH is a unique multidisciplinary educational program aimed at serving students with significant behavioral and/or emotional problems for whom other previous interventions have been ineffective. Students from both Monroe and Trumbull attend REACH.
High School:
Trumbull High School -72 Strobel Road, Trumbull, Connecticut 06611
(203) 452-4531
Marc Guarino, Principal
Agriscience - Biotechnology - 36 Daniels Farm Road Trumbull, CT 06611
(203) 452-4200
Dr. Robert Tremaglio, Director 
Alternate School - 72 Strobel Road, Trumbull Ct. 06611
(203) 452-4501
Deborah McGrath - Director 
REACH - 4630 Madison Ave Trumbull Ct. 06611
(203) 452-4501
Deborah McGrath - Director