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Linguistically talented students who meet the Honor Society criteria stated in the THS handbook,  will participate in activities and events to broaden their own language perspectives as well as promote language learning to the THS community and beyond. They will also perform community service . Meetings held in French.

World Language Honor Society Guidelines

These guidelines are for honor society membership in French, Italian, Spanish or Latin :

  • Student must be a junior or a senior enrolled in level III (Italian and Latin) or level IV (Spanish and French) or above.
  • Student must demonstrate :
    1. Academic  Excellence
    2. Integrity (honesty, responsibility, respect for school rules)
    3. School/Community Service

·         Overall school wide GPA must be at least 3.3 (B+) as of the end of 3rd quarter for the year of recommendation.

World Language Academic Criteria for Induction into an Honor Society based on national guidelines:

If you study Spanish or French (ACP)

·         ALL marking period gradesfrom level III or higher must be A- or higher, including the mid-term and final exams, leading up to the time of honor society recommendation (after 3rd quarter grades).

If you study Spanish or French (Honors)

·         Student must have a Final Grade (FG) from the previous year (starting from level III) of an A- or higher.


·         Student must have an A- average or higher at the time of honor society recommendation (this includes the marking period grades and midterm exam).