Our Core Values and Beliefs Statement:
The Trumbull High School Community, which engages in an environment conducive to learning, believes that all students will read and write effectively, therefore communicating in an articulate and coherent manner. All students will participate in activities that address problem-solving through critical thinking. Students will use technology as a tool in decision making. We believe that by fostering self-confidence, self-directed and student-centered activities, we will encourage independent thinking and learning. We believe ethical conduct to be paramount in sustaining our welcoming school climate. Click here for rubrics...

Post-prom permission form is due by May 15th. Click here

2017 Senior T-Shirts Available. Order Here

Graduation will take place on Monday June 19, 2017 at 5:45pm.

The senior class trip to Six Flags will take place on June 1st. Permission slip here.

This year's Prom will be held on June 2nd at The Matrix in Danbury. Permission form is here.

Trumbull High School's 6th Annual Poetry Slam is May 12, 2017. For information and to submit your poems visit the THS Poetry website.

2016-2017 THS Advisory Bus Schedule


Yearbook Information
Yearbook preordering is closed. Please stay tuned for information about the Senior Breakfast and Yearbook Distribution Day. Additional copies of the yearbook will be available at that time.




A.H.E.R.A. Asbestos Management Plan Memo
Advisory Assignments
Attendance / Loss of Credit Policy
Bell Schedules
BYOD and Digital Citizenship at Trumbull High School
CT Weather Link
Directory Information Policy
Dress Code Protocol
Electronic Device Protocol
Pesticide Information Letter
Student Network Internet Policy
Student No Smoking and Tobacco Products Use Policy (this includes electronic cigarettes on THS property and at all school sponsored events)


Security Update:

All Visitors must have a photo I.D. to enter Trumbull High School. 
Entrance and Sign-In takes place at the front of the building only.