Basic fact fluency is a critical skill leading to success in all areas of mathematics. The daily practice of basic facts by students will build accuracy and quick recall of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divsion facts essential to a strong mathematical foundation.

For students in grades 2-5, basic fact assessments are administered six times per trimester. The total correct for each assessment is recorded on the child's report card. Each Report Card Companion details the total number of questions asked on each trimester's assessments.

To assist students in developing fluency with basic math facts, please find links below to flashcards for addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. Your child's teacher and/or your school's math specialist can provide additional information or suggestions regarding basic fact fluency.

Addition Flashcards | Addition Flashcards with Sums

Subtraction Flashcards | Subtraction Flashcards with Differences

Multiplication Flashcards | Multiplication Flashcards with Products

Division Flashcards | Division Flashcards with Quotients

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