Almost every exciting thing that occurs in school is related to instruction, by which we mean how students come to learn the curriculum that has been designed for them to learn.

Students eagerly listening to their teacher read a picture book; students sifting through soil to investigate its properties; students calculating decimals from fraction and solving word problems: these are students actively learning, which occurs when instruction is carefully designed to capitalize on students’ natural curiosity at all ages of the educational continuum. Indeed, much good instruction is student-centered, considering the differentiated strengths and goal areas of each student at any given point in time.

In our twenty-first-century world, logical shifts in instruction utilize technology advantageously to support students’ active learning; this occurs across all grades and subject areas, from music and art to world language development.

Food Allergy Policy

bowl of nutsThe Trumbull Board of Education has passed a new policy regarding the Management of Food Allergies in the schools. This policy affects food being brought in for curriculum and celebrations. This and all policies can be found on the Policies page of this website.

Emergency Notification

In the event of an emergency, school delay, closure or early dismissal, notification is made to the following:

Ø  Radio Stations:WEBE 108 FM (107.9), 600 AM, 99.9 FM

Ø  TV Stations : WTNH – Channel 8, WNBC – Channel 6 and 30, WFSB –  Channel 3

    In addition, the information will be posted on the TPS home page.

    Refer to the school hours page for opening and closing times for schools.

Health Forms

Medical Symbol for health moduleEach pupil, before initial enrollment in the Trumbull Public Schools shall have had a health assessment. In addition, each pupil enrolled in Trumbull Public Schools shall have a health assessment at least once in each three year interval: in grade three, in grade six, and in grade nine. These forms and insurance enrollment form can be found here...

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