The organization shall be noncommercial, non sectarian and non partisian.

All preschool families are welcome to become members of the PTO by completing a membership application.

No dues shall be collected at any time.

All Preschool families and staff are invited to attend the PTO meetings.

Meeting dates will be published and reminder notices will be sent home. Minutes will be kept and will be available to all Preschool families and staff for all meetings.

Executive Board

The 2021-2022 PTO executive board:

Presidents- Brittany Aborn

Secretary- Jessica Kundrat

Treasurer - Katy Strohecker

Parent-Teacher Liaison - Lindsay Scopelliti           

Special Needs Liaison - TBD

Fundraising Coordinator  - Pamela Sulzicki

Playdate Coordinator/Social Media - Jessica Howard-Ross

Facebook – request to join “TECEC PTO and Father’s Club”


Ideally, Co-Presidents would be committed to serving a two year term. The first year Co-President would become the "Senior" Co-President in the spring for the following year. A new first year Co-President would be named in September.

Officer Responsibilities:

Parent-Teacher Liason
Event Coordinator


  • Preside at all regular and Executive Board Meetings

  • Call the meetings to order and formally close them

  • Keep meetings on track

  • Preview any PTO materials before their distribution

  • Prepare an agenda with the help of the Committee members for each regular meeting

  • Appoint chairpersons to all standing and special committees

  • Try to encourage parent involvement in committees and their chairs


  • Record and keep a copy of the minutes of all meetings

  • Provide the President a copy of the minutes after each meeting for his/her review

  • Maintain a copy of the bylaws and amendments to follow

  • Keep a list of unfinished business and a copy of the agenda

  • Keep a list of committee chairs and co-chairs

  • Keep a copy of the calendar of events

  • Try to encourage parent involvement in committees and their chairs

  • Shall process and track all membership applications


  • Receive all moneys of TECEC PTO

  • Keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures

  • Pay out funds only as authorized by the organization

  • Present a statement of accounts at every meeting

  • Maintain and balance bank account

  • Make a full report at the Annual Meeting in June

  • Try to encourage parent involvement in committees and their chairs

Parent-Teacher Liaison

  • Communicates TECEC PTO activities to the parents at TECEC

Events Coordinator

  • Coordinates all playdates

  • Leads all TECEC PTO events

  • Assures that board members assist and participate in TECEC PTO events