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Talented & Gifted Identification

Trumbull's TALENTED And Academically Gifted (TAG) IDENTIFCATION

Consistent with Connecticut General Statutes §10-76a, Trumbull identifies the top 10% of students at the end of their third-grade year as having “extraordinary learning ability” using a balanced combination of standardized measurements of abstract thinking and reasoning ability (e.g., the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test or O.L.S.A.T. ) with nationally-normed measurements of learning achievement (e.g., i-Ready). An informational letter is provided for the parents/guardians whose child(ren) met the qualification criteria. 

To identify those children, the District employs the following steps in sequential order. The steps balance standardized measurements of abstract thinking and reasoning ability (e.g., the OLSAT) with nationally-normed measurements of learning achievement (e.g., i-Ready).

  1. Students who have received a 130 or higher as a subscore on the Verbal and the Non-Verbal section of the OLSAT (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test) given in February of the third-grade year are selected for further analysis. (If this criterion does not generate at least 10% of the District’s third-grade population, a score of 125 or higher on both sections will be used.)
  2. For each student meeting the criterion of Step (1), the following verbal and non-verbal assessment data points are combined according to the percentages indicated below.
    • OLSAT Verbal total subscore: 25%
    • OLSAT Non-Verbal total subscore: 25%
    • Third-grade end-of-year i-Ready Assessment total scores on:
      • i-ReadyReading Standards Mastery 25%
      • i-Ready Mathematics Standards Mastery 25%
  3. Consistent with State regulations, a District team of "certified and/or licensed professionals, who represent each of the teaching, administrative and pupil personnel staffs," will review the data to certify the top ten percent of students, who will then be identified as Talented and Academically Gifted (TAG). Parents of eligible students will be notified at the beginning of the next school year of the identification of their child, district and state contacts for questions, and resources. 

On occasion, a student enters the District in grade 3, 4, or 5 subsequent to the administration of the data points referenced above. If a parent of a student in such a situation believes that his/her child may be qualified for TAG identification, he/she should contact the Assistant Superintendent.

District Contact for Talented and Academically Gifted (TAG)

  • Office of Teaching and Learning,  Assistant Superintendent (203) 452-4340

Gifted & Talented Identification Q & A 

What type of gifted programming is being provided in Trumbull Public Schools? 

Gifted services are delivered through students' core classes. In literacy this may be the ability to read and write above grade level with significant choice. In Math, varied groupings and assignments may be provided based on ability, and in Science, the participation and discovery of Science phenomenon and engineering practices on a variety of levels are available to all students.   District and school-based specialists, such as our literacy consultants, math specialists, and our K-5 Science Program leader, often help teachers if they need support in providing differentiation to lessons for all students, including gifted learners.  

Were children provided with an accelerated program in the past? 

No. When the TAG program was offered in the past for Grade 4 and 5, it was not designed to accelerate learning; it was designed as an enrichment program to assist students in understanding their unique needs, and to participate in projects that build understanding of how gifted children can use their own abilities as valued members of our community and society. The teacher in charge of facilitating TAG was also available to push in to support classes on a limited basis. 

How and why was the decision to cut the TAG program made?

Beginning in January 2023, Trumbull Public Schools presented a budget proposal which included a list of potential reductions to staffing and programs if we did not receive enough funding. Unfortunately, the cuts made at the May 23, 2023 BOE meeting were necessitated by the $1.95 million gap between the Board of Education adopted budget and the final allocation we received from the town. Given that over 80% of our budget is staff related, reductions to staff has to be a part of balancing the budget. There is no joy in eliminating our TAG teacher, or any enrichment program, from the BOE budget and we genuinely wish that we could have kept more staff.

What are the current legal regulations regarding gifted students? 

According to the Connecticut State Department of Education, under current regulations, public school districts in Connecticut are required to identify gifted and talented students, K-12. The process for identifying these students is decided upon by school district personnel. School districts are NOT mandated to provide services to students. Connecticut does provide a list of resources for parents of gifted children Click here to view this website. For further questions about gifted education at the state department level, please contact the state consultant Dr. Dori Papa at 860-713-6923 or 

Are there any other resources for parents to build understanding or further provide enrichment activities on our own? 

Please click here for a list of Gifted and Talented Groups and Resources on our TPS website. 


RESOURCES FOR TALENTED And Academically Gifted (TAG) 

Below you will find a list of potential resources that have been developed by Trumbull Public Schools to support your child. 

Journals and Magazines

Museums and Zoos for Children

Reading Lists for Students

Magazines for Kids

Math Sites for Kids

Gifted and Talented Advocacy Groups

Places for Students to Publish

Contests and Other Activities

State Department of Education Contact and Resources

For questions about gifted education at the state department level, please contact the state consultant Dr. Dori Papa at 860-713-6923 or 

  • Click here to visit the Connecticut State Department of Education's Resource page for TAG students' families.