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Summer Enrichment

Summer Reading

Research shows that reading every day significantly increases a child's reading ability.  The books selected for Trumbull's Summer Reading Program are chosen to make reading an enjoyable part of your child's life and your support is essential.  You can make our program successful by the positive attitude you take toward reading and by the encouragement you show your child.  Read the entire letter....

Elementary School 

Reading is a critical skill - the one that goes the farthest in ensuring future academic success. The more we can do to help promote reading, especially at an early age, the better our children will do in school and in life!

Please open the link for the specific details related to the grade your child is enrolled in for September.

Entering Kindergarten

Entering Grade 1

Entering Grade 2

Entering Grade 3

Entering Grade 4

Entering Grade 5

Trumbull's First Selectman Super Summer Reading Challenge - Grades 4 & 5

Summer Math

Please visit the math website for details.