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Course Placement Criteria

Criteria for Placement

Trumbull Public School recognizes the importance of education for every child. With that in mind, the growth of each and every student in our schools is at the core of our mission. Indeed, our district’s Mission Statement emphasizes the need to “meet the educational needs of all students within a challenging and supportive academic environment that empowers each student to become a life-long learner and to live and participate in a democratic, diverse, and global society.”

In all courses and grades, curricula is differentiated to meet students' needs for enrichment, accelerated study, and support. Below are the criteria for specific programs and courses offered, such as: 

  • in grades 6-8, advanced course placement in mathematics; and

  • in grades 9-12, advanced course placement across all subject areas.

  • in grades K-12, English as a Second Language Services for Multi Lingual Learners

The pages below detail, by grade band, criteria for special placement. Questions may be directed to the Assistant Superintendent in our Office of Teaching & Learning.