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Teacher & Paraeducator of the Year

Trumbull Public Schools Recognizes Excellence  -

Each year, Trumbull Public Schools is pleased to offer the opportunity for all stakeholders to nominate teachers and paraeducators to represent our district for the excellence they provide our students and school communities. Each of our ten schools met with their school-based committee to select one nomination to be considered for the 2024 Teacher of the Year and one nomination for the 2024 Paraeducator of the Year.

Trumbull Public Schools School Based Teachers of the Year Awards for 2024

On Friday, May 26th, Trumbull Public Schools brought all of our Teachers of the Year by school to a district celebration and recognition lunch. They were also asked for input in the 2023-2024 District Improvement Plan. We recognize that as outstanding educators, their perspectives and the work they do are at the core of maintaining excellence in Trumbull Public Schools.

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