Student Insurance

Parents are offered an opportunity to purchase accidental medical insurance for their children. Please read this brochure for more information... pdfpdf

Physical Exam and Immunization Requirements:

Connecticut State Department of Education, Connecticut Department of Public Health and the Trumbull Board of Education have specific health regulations students must adhere to be enrolled in Trumbull Schools.

  • Students are required to provide documentation of a valid physical examination and up-to-date immunization record :
  • Upon enrollment/entering or returning to the district in any grade
  • Prior to entry in the Trumbull Early Childhood Education Center (TECEC)
  • Prior to entry into Kindergarten. In addition, any child who is less than 5 years old at the time of kindergarten entrance is also required to submit an updated physical exam within 30 days of their 5th birthday in order to continue to attend school.
  • During 3rd, 6th & 9th  Grade
  • Every 13 months if participating in interscholastic sports

Students will not be admitted until a school nurse has reviewed the completed physical exam/health assessment*.  All new entrant physical exams must be performed within 365 days of enrollment and include a complete immunization record as required by the State of Connecticut for the grade entered at time of enrollment:

*State law requires complete primary immunizations and a health assess­ment by a legally qualified practitioner of medicine, an advanced practice registered nurse or registered nurse, licensed pursuant to chapter 378, a physi­cian assistant, licensed pursuant to chapter 370, a school medical advisor, or a legally qualified practitioner of medicine, an advanced practice registered nurse or a physician assistant licensed to practice in the United States of America and/or stationed at any military base prior to school entrance in Connecticut (C.G.S. Secs. 10-204a and 10-206).

Student Health Forms

Below are the Health Forms required by policies Health Assessment and Administration of Medication. ALL are in PDF file format. 

Immunization requirements for enrolled students in Connecticut schools 2016 - 2017

State of CT Yellow Physical Form for Pre-school Children

State of CT Blue Physical Form Grades K - 12

Trumbull Medication Authorization Form

Allergy Management Plan and Medication Form

Student Asthma History and Medication Authorization

Asthma Action Plan 0 - 12 Years Old

Asthma Action Plan 12 Years and Older

Food Allergy Policy

bowl of nutsThe Trumbull Board of Education has passed a new policy regarding the Management of Food Allergies in the schools. This policy affects food being brought in for curriculum and celebrations. This and all policies can be found on the Policies page of this website.

Emergency Notification

In the event of an emergency, school delay, closure or early dismissal, notification is made to the following:

Ø  Radio Stations:WEBE 108 FM (107.9), 600 AM, 99.9 FM

Ø  TV Stations : WTNH – Channel 8, WNBC – Channel 6 and 30, WFSB –  Channel 3

    In addition, the information will be posted on the TPS home page and on Twitter.

    Refer to the school hours page for opening and closing times for schools.

Health Forms

Medical Symbol for health moduleEach pupil, before initial enrollment in the Trumbull Public Schools shall have had a health assessment. In addition, each pupil enrolled in Trumbull Public Schools shall have a health assessment at least once in each three year interval: in grade three, in grade six, and in grade nine. These forms and insurance enrollment form can be found here...

Wellness Newsletter

Screen shot of Wellness NewsletterEvery month, September through May, the Trumbull Food Services posts a Wellness Newsletter with tips about healthy eating and living. Past issues can be found on the Wellness Page.

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