Use the table below to search for your elementary or middle school.

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Abric Drive FT MAD
Academy Road DF HC
Alden Avenue MB MAD
Aldo Drive DF HC
Algonquin Trail MB HC
Alice Place MB HC
Allan Drive MB MAD
Alpine Road JR MAD
Anita Avenue JR MAD
Ann Street JR MAD
Anthony Place MB HC
Apple Orchard Lane BH HC
Applegate Lane BH HC
Aragon Drive JR MAD
Arbutus Lane DF HC
Arden Road FT HC
Arganese Place TA MAD
Argus Lane TA MAD
Arliss Drive TA MAD
Arrowhead Road FT HC
Asbury Road TA MAD
Ascolese Road JR MAD
Ash Circle MB HC
Aspen Lane DF HC
Audubon Lane DF HC
August Lane DF HC
Autumn Drive TA MAD
Autumn Ridge Road TA MAD
Avalon Gates MB MAD
Bailey Street FT HC
Baldwin Avenue BH HC
Barbara Street MB MAD
Barnswallow Drive DF HC
Barry Place MB MAD
Bassick Road FT MAD
Bayberry Lane MB HC
Beach Hill Drive DF HC
Beach Memorial Park Road DF HC
Beachcroft Lane FT MAD
Beacon Hill Drive DF HC
Bear Den Road BH HC
Bear Paw Road DF HC
Beardsley Parkway BH HC
Beech Street FT MAD
Beech Tree Circle BH HC
Beechwood Avenue TA MAD
Beers Street MB MAD
Berkshire Avenue MB HC
Berry Lane BH HC
Beverly Road BH HC
Birch Street MB MAD
Birdsall Avenue MB MAD
Bittersweet Lane JR MAD
Blackberry Road MB HC
Blackhawk Road DF HC
Blackhouse Road FT MAD
Blackstone Road FT HC
Blue Ridge Road BH HC
Blueberry Road BH HC
Bluejay Drive TA MAD
Bob White Lane BH HC
Bolin Circle MB HC
Bonazzo Drive MB HC
Bonheur Road FT MAD
Bonita Avenue MB MAD
Bonnie View Drive FT MAD
Booth Hill Road BH HC
Botsford Place FT MAD
Brandy Lane JR MAD
Bretton Woods Road TA MAD
Brewster Place MB MAD
Brian Drive FT MAD
Briar Hill Drive BH HC
Briarcroft Avenue MB MAD
Briarwoods Terrace BH HC
Bridge Vista MB HC
Bridle Trail DF HC
Brittany Avenue TA MAD
Broadbridge Road BH HC
Broadway MB MAD
Brock Street MB HC
Brook Road JR MAD
Brookbend Road DF HC
Brookhedge Road DF HC
Brookside Drive DF HC
Brookview Drive DF HC
Buckskin Court DF HC
Bull Frog Lane TA MAD
Bunker Hill Drive DF HC
Burton Avenue MB HC
Butternut Lane BH HC
Buttonwood Drive FT MAD
Cal Drive TA MAD
Caldron Drive DF HC
Calhoun Avenue MB MAD
Cambridge Drive FT MAD
Camelot Drive FT MAD
Campbell Road FT MAD
Candlewood Road FT MAD
Canoe Brook Road JR MAD
Canterbury Lane MB MAD
Captains Walk TA MAD
Cardinal Circle BH HC
Carmel Ridge MB MAD
Caroline Street BH HC
Carrousel Drive BH HC
Carriage Drive BH HC
Catherine Street JR MAD
Cedar Crest Road MB HC
Cedar Hill Drive TA MAD
Cedar Street FT MAD
Ceil Road FT MAD
Cemetery Drive BH HC
Center Road BH HC
Century Drive TA MAD
Chalon Road DF HC
Channing Road JR MAD
Chapel Hill Drive TA MAD
Chatfield Drive FT MAD
Chatham Drive DF HC
Cherry Blossom Lane MB MAD
Cherry Circle JR MAD
Cherrygate Lane BH HC
Chestnut Hill Road FT MAD
Chestnut Street MB MAD
Church Hill Road #1 - 529 O&E MB MAD
Church Hill Road #530 - 900 E FT MAD
Church Hill Road #531 - 999 O MB MAD
Cider Mill Lane MB MAD
Civkin Drive BH HC
Claire Place JR MAD
Clarion Place DF HC
Clark Road JR MAD
Classic Drive DF HC
Clearwater Lane TA MAD
Clemens Avenue JR MAD
Cliff View Drive MB HC
Clifford Street MB MAD
Clinton Street JR MAD
Clover Hill Road DF HC
Cobblers Hill Road DF HC
Cold Spring Drive TA MAD
Colonial Drive TA MAD
Colony Avenue FT MAD
Columbine Drive MB HC
Commerce Drive BH HC
Cook Circle JR MAD
Cooper Kettle Road BH HC
Coral Drive DF HC
Cornfield Road BH HC
Cornwall Lane JR MAD
Corporate Drive TA MAD
Cottage Place MB HC
Cottage Street JR MAD
Cottontail Trail TA MAD
Country Club Road DF HC
Country Lane FT HC
Cove Point BH HC
Coventry Lane TA MAD
Crabapple Road TA MAD
Craig Lane FT HC
Cranbury Drive DF HC
Crescent Lane TA MAD
Cricket Lane DF HC
Crocus Lane TA MAD
Cromwell Road TA MAD
Crown Street MB MAD
Cutler's Farm Road #6 Only TA MAD
Cypress Lane MB HC
Dale Road JR MAD
Dalecot Drive JR MAD
Daniels Farms Road # 1 - 173 O&E MB HC
Daniels Farms Road #174 - 999 O&E DF HC
Danube Drive DF HC
Dayton Circle JR MAD
Dayton Road # 1 - 300 O&E JR MAD
Dayton Road #301 - 999 O&E TA MAD
Devellis Drive JR MAD
Deep Gorge Road DF HC
Deepdene Road JR MAD
Deepwood Drive JR MAD
Deer Run Drive DF HC
Deerfield Drive FT HC
Dell Circle JR MAD
Doe Hollow Drive DF HC
Dogwood Lane BH HC
Doris Street TA MAD
Drew Circle DF HC
Driftwood Lane JR MAD
Duane Place BH HC
Dunellen Road MB MAD
East Lake Road BH HC
Eastwood Road FT HC
Echo Hill Road TA MAD
Eddie Road MB HC
Edgewood Avenue MB MAD
Edinburg Lane TA MAD
Edison Road #142 - 700 E FT MAD
Edison Road #139 - 367 O FT MAD
Edison Road #369 - 701 O MB MAD
Edith Avenue MB HC
Edmond Street JR MAD
Elaine Place FT HC
Elaine Street FT HC
Elberta Avenue MB HC
Eldor Lane DF HC
Eleven O'clock Lane FT MAD
Elizabeth Street MB MAD
Elliott Circle JR MAD
Elliott Road JR MAD
Ellsworth Street MB MAD
Elmsted Road JR MAD
Elmwood Avenue FT MAD
Endeavor Street MB MAD
Erwin Street BH HC
Essex Lane TA MAD
Ethel Road BH HC
Evelyn Street JR MAD
Evergreen Lane FT HC
Fairchild Circle MB MAD
Fairchild Road MB MAD
Fairlane Road DF HC
Fairview Avenue FT MAD
Fairway Lane DF HC
Farmstead Lane TA MAD
Farmview Circle DF HC
Fawn Circle BH HC
Fawn Meadow Drive TA MAD
Fern Circle BH HC
Fernwood Road JR MAD
Fieldcrest Drive TA MAD
Fieldstone Court FT MAD
Finchwood Drive BH HC
Firehouse Road DF HC
Fitch Pass TA MAD
Flint Street MB MAD
Floral Lane JR MAD
Forest View Street MB HC
Foster Avenue BH HC
Four Seasons Lane FT HC
Fox Court TA MAD
Fox Road TA MAD
Foxwood Road BH HC
Francis Street FT MAD
Frank Street FT MAD
Franklin Street MB HC
Frederick Street FT MAD
Frelma Drive JR MAD
Frenchtown Road FT HC
Fresh Meadow Drive TA MAD
Friar Lane BH HC
Frost Hill Road FT MAD
Fuller Road TA MAD
Garden Street MB MAD
Garland Circle MB HC
Garnet Place BH HC
Garnet Road BH HC
Garwood Road JR MAD
Gatehouse Road TA MAD
Gaylord Road FT MAD
George Street JR MAD
Geraldine Circle FT HC
Geraldine Place FT HC
Gibson Avenue MB MAD
Gilbert Drive FT MAD
Gingerbrook Drive BH HC
Gisella Road TA MAD
Glen Spring Drive JR MAD
Gleanarden Road DF HC
Glenbrook Road JR MAD
Glenwood Drive FT HC
Golden Hill BH HC
Goldenrod Trail TA MAD
Gorham Place FT MAD
Gov. Trumbull Way TA MAD
Grandview Drive FT HC
Granite Place MB MAD
Grayrock Road DF HC
Great Brook Road DF HC
Great Neck Road BH HC
Green Acres Lane DF HC
Green Haven Road DF HC
Green Ridge Road BH HC
Green Street FT MAD
Greenbriar Road DF HC
Greenfield Drive FT HC
Greenwood Drive MB HC
Gregory Place MB HC
Griswold Avenue MB MAD
Grove Street MB MAD
Guilford Drive FT MAD
Gwendolyn Drive MB MAD
Hadley Drive JR MAD
Hampton Road JR MAD
Hardy Lane MB MAD
Harned Place MB MAD
Harvest Hill Drive DF HC
Harvester Road FT MAD
Harwood Terrace JR MAD
Haverhill Place JR MAD
Haverhill Road JR MAD
Haviland Road TA MAD
Hawley Lane BH HC
Hawthorne Ridge Circle MB HC
Haylot Road DF HC
Hazelnut Drive JR MAD
Heartwood Lane MB HC
Heatherfield Drive DF HC
Heavenly Lane DF HC
Hedgehog Circle DF HC
Hedgehog Road DF HC
Helen Street MB HC
Helena Road JR MAD
Hemlock Trail BH HC
Heritage Drive TA MAD
Hickory Street FT MAD
Hidden Pond Lane BH HC
High Meadow Road DF HC
High Ridge Road TA MAD
Highfield Drive JR MAD
Highgate Road FT HC
Highland Road FT MAD
Highwood Place DF HC
Hill Circle DF HC
Hillandale Terrace BH HC
Hillsboro Road DF HC
Hillbrook Road DF HC
Hillcrest Road BH HC
Hills Point Road JR MAD
Hillside Avenue MB HC
Hillston Road BH HC
Hilltop Circle BH HC
Hilltop Drive BH HC
Histon Road JR MAD
Hitching Post Lane FT MAD
Home Street JR MAD
Horse Tavern Road TA MAD
Horseshoe Drive FT HC
Hunters Lane BH HC
Huntington Road BH HC
Huntington Turnpike BH HC
Hurd Road DF HC
Hyde Terrace MB MAD
Inca Drive DF HC
Indian Ledge Drive DF HC
Indian Ledge Park Road MB MAD
Indian Road FT MAD
Intervale Road BH HC
Inverness Road JR MAD
Inwood Road FT MAD
Iron Gate Road DF HC
Ironwood Road BH HC
Irving Road JR MAD
Isinglass Terrace BH HC
Ivy Lane MB HC
Ivywood Place FT HC
Jackson Drive DF HC
Jade Tree Lane TA MAD
Jamestown Road TA MAD
Jean Terrace FT MAD
Jeffrey Place DF HC
Jerome Avenue MB MAD
Jerusalem Hill BH HC
Jog Hill Road DF HC
John Street MB MAD
Johnson Street JR MAD
Judd Place FT HC
Judson Street FT MAD
Juniper Circle BH HC
Juniper Ridge Road BH HC
Kaechele Street # 3 Only JR MAD
Kent Lane TA MAD
Kenwood Lane MB HC
Killian Avenue FT MAD
Kingsbury Drive BH HC
Kingston Road JR MAD
Kitcher Court TA MAD
Knecht Farm Road DF HC
Knollcrest Court BH HC
Knollcrest Drive BH HC
Koger Road FT HC
Lafayette Drive FT MAD
Lake Avenue JR MAD
Lakeview Terrace JR MAD
Lakewood Drive MB MAD
Lane Avenue FT MAD
Lansing Avenue FT MAD
Lantern Hill Road JR MAD
Larkspur Drive MB HC
Lauderdale Drive FT MAD
Laurel Street MB HC
Laurie Road BH HC
Lawn Circle FT MAD
Lawrence Road FT HC
Leffert Road BH HC
Leighton Road FT MAD
Leonard Place FT HC
Lewis Road DF HC
Lilac Lane JR MAD
Lillian Drive MB MAD
Lily Circle TA MAD
Limerick Road TA MAD
Lincoln Street MB HC
Lindberg Drive MB HC
Lindeman Drive FT HC
Linden Drive FT MAD
Lingale Road DF HC
Linley Road MB MAD
Little Plain Road MB HC
Lobsterback Road BH HC
Locust Street MB MAD
Long Hill Place MB MAD
Long Meadow Road DF HC
Longview Road BH HC
Lorma Avenue JR MAD
Lorraine Street FT MAD
Louis Street MB MAD
Lounsbury Road FT HC
Lullwater Road JR MAD
Lycett Street FT MAD
Lynnbrook Road DF HC
Lynwood Drive JR MAD
Macarthur Road MB MAD
Macdonald Road BH HC
Machalowski Road FT HC
Macmath Drive DF HC
Madison Avenue #4141 - 4454 O&E FT MAD
Madison Avenue #4453 - 4827 O&E JR MAD
Madison Avenue #4828 - 4830 O&E TA MAD
Madison Avenue #4832 - 5316 O&E TA MAD
Magnolia Road JR MAD
Main Street #4451 - 5583 O FT MAD
Main Street #4558 - 5416 E FT MAD
Main Street #5418 - 6766 E MB MAD
Main Street #5585 - 6395 O JR MAD
Main Street #6401 - 7125 O TA MAD
Main Street #6768 - 7182 E TA MAD
Maefair Court MB HC
Mallett Drive TA MAD
Manor Drive MB HC
Maple Ridge Road DF HC
Maple Street FT MAD
Marathon Road DF HC
Marigold Lane DF HC
Marina Avenue MB MAD
Mariner Circle JR MAD
Marshall Avenue FT MAD
May Circle DF HC
Mayfair Drive TA MAD
Mayfair Place TA MAD
Mayfield Drive JR MAD
Mayflower Drive DF HC
Maymont Lane JR MAD
Mcadoo Avenue FT MAD
Mcguire Road DF HC
Meadow Ridge Drive TA MAD
Meadow Road JR MAD
Meadow Road West TA MAD
Meadow Wood Road DF HC
Meadowview Drive #10 - 75 O&E TA MAD
Meadowview Drive #85 - 124 O&E JR MAD
Melrose Avenue FT MAD
Merrill Road FT MAD
Merrimac Drive JR MAD
Merritt Boulevard BH HC
Merwin Street FT HC
Middlebrooks Avenue MB MAD
Midland Road BH HC
Mischa Hill Road BH HC
Mistywood Lane TA MAD
Mitchell Road JR MAD
Mohawk Drive DF HC
Monitor Hill Road JR MAD
Monroe Turnpike TA MAD
Moorland Road FT HC
Moose Hill Road DF HC
Morningside Terrace MB MAD
Morris Avenue FT MAD
Mount Pleasant Drive FT MAD
Mountain Hill Street BH HC
Mulberry Street JR MAD
Natalie Road TA MAD
Newton Lane TA MAD
Nichols Avenue BH HC
Nichols Farm Road BH HC
Nokomis Drive JR MAD
Normandy Road TA MAD
North Green Acres Lane DF HC
North Lynwood Drive TA MAD
North Stowe Place BH HC
North Street BH HC
Northfield Drive BH HC
Northwood Road BH HC
Norwood Terrace MB MAD
November Lane DF HC
Nuthatch Hill Road DF HC
Nutmeg Drive BH HC
Oak Lane MB HC
Oakland Drive JR MAD
Oakridge Road BH HC
Oakview Drive FT HC
Ochsner Place FT MAD
October Lane TA MAD
Old Barn Road FT MAD
Old Church Hill Road MB MAD
Old Coach Lane TA MAD
Old Dairy Road BH HC
Old Dike Road BH HC
Old Elm Road FT MAD
Old Farm Road FT HC
Old Fire Road DF HC
Old Green Road BH HC
Old Hollow Road DF HC
Old Mill Road MB HC
Old Mine Road TA MAD
Old Oak Road TA MAD
Old Orchard Lane DF HC
Old Pinewood Trail BH HC
Old Road DF HC
Old Sawmill # 3 - 30 O&E MB HC
Old Sawmill #34 - 74 O&E BH HC
Old Stream Lane DF HC
Old Teller Road DF HC
Old Town Road #210 - 900 EVEN FT MAD
Old Town Road #900 - 2300 EVEN FT HC
Old Tree Farm Road TA MAD
Old Turnpike Road TA MAD
Old Village Lane TA MAD
Oldfield Road DF HC
Orchard Street MB MAD
Oriole Circle BH HC
Oriole Lane BH HC
Orleans Drive DF HC
Oswego Trail TA MAD
Over Hill Drive BH HC
Overlook Drive MB MAD
Owl Hill Trail TA MAD
Oxen Hill Road DF HC
Pachaug Road BH HC
Palisade Avenue MB MAD
Palmer Trail BH HC
Palomino Pass DF HC
Parlor Rock Road MB MAD
Pam Bar Road DF HC
Par Lane DF HC
Parallel Street JR MAD
Park Avenue FT MAD
Park Lane JR MAD
Park Street MB HC
Parkway Drive FT MAD
Parkwood Road DF HC
Parkwood Road North DF HC
Partridge Lane BH HC
Patriots Road JR MAD
Paugusett Circle MB HC
Paulina Place FT MAD
Pauline Street BH HC
Peaceful Valley Road TA MAD
Pemberton Drive JR MAD
Penny Avenue BH HC
Pepperidge Road BH HC
Pequonnock Road MB HC
Pert Street # 1 - 20 O&E FT MAD
Pert Street #24 - 54 O&E MB MAD
Peters Road MB MAD
Petticoat Lane DF HC
Pilgrim Lane DF HC
Pine Street FT MAD
Pinehurst Street MB MAD
Pinewood Trail BH HC
Pinto Court DF HC
Pioneer Trail TA MAD
Pitkin Hollow TA MAD
Placid Street MB MAD
Plattsville Road FT MAD
Pleasant Street MB MAD
Plumb Creek Road DF HC
Plumb Road FT MAD
Plumtree Lane FT MAD
Plymouth Avenue FT MAD
Pomona Avenue TA MAD
Pond Lane TA MAD
Pondview Avenue JR MAD
Pondway Lane MB HC
Poplar Street MB MAD
Porters Hill Road DF HC
Porters Ridge DF HC
Post Gate Road TA MAD
Powder Mill Lane BH HC
Preston Road JR MAD
Primose Drive BH HC
Priscilla Place BH HC
Prospect Avenue FT MAD
Providence Drive MB MAD
Pumpkin Hill Road TA MAD
Puritan Road BH HC
Putting Green Road DF HC
Putting Green Road North DF HC
Quail Trail BH HC
Quaker Lane DF HC
Quality Street MB MAD
Quarry Road BH HC
Quartz Lane DF HC
Ranch Drive DF HC
Randall Drive JR MAD
Randolph Place FT MAD
Rangely Drive JR MAD
Raven Road TA MAD
Raynor Avenue FT HC
Raynor Place FT HC
Reading Road JR MAD
Rebecca Street MB HC
Red Barn Road TA MAD
Red Fox Lane BH HC
Red Maple Lane DF HC
Redcoat Lane JR MAD
Regina Street MB MAD
Reiner Circle BH HC
Reiner Drive BH HC
Rempsen Street MB HC
Rennison Road BH HC
Reservoir Avenue MB HC
Revere Lane FT MAD
Rexview Circle MB MAD
Richards Place MB MAD
Richfield Road FT MAD
Ridgebury Drive FT MAD
Ridgeview Avenue JR MAD
River Road FT MAD
Riverbend Road MB HC
Riverside Drive MB MAD
Robinwood Road BH HC
Rock Spring Road DF HC
Rockland Circle MB MAD
Rockland Road MB MAD
Rockwell Avenue JR MAD
Rocky Hill Road MB HC
Rocky Hill Terrace MB HC
Rocky Ridge Drive BH HC
Rollingwood Drive BH HC
Roosevelt Drive DF HC
Rose Terrace JR MAD
Rosebud Drive MB HC
Rosellen Drive JR MAD
Rosemond Terrace FT MAD
Roseview Court DF HC
Round Hill Road BH HC
Round Ridge Trail BH HC
Royals Court TA MAD
Russ Road FT MAD
Ruth Street MB MAD
Rutlee Drive FT HC
Sabina Road TA MAD
Sachem Way TA MAD
Salem Road TA MAD
Sallyann Drive JR MAD
Samuel Street FT MAD
Sanford Avenue TA MAD
Sarenee Circle TA MAD
Saxony Drive TA MAD
Saybrook Road BH HC
Scattergood Circle JR MAD
Scenic Hill Road DF HC
Sciortino Road MB MAD
Scott Lane FT HC
Seeley Road #7 - 149 O JR MAD
Seeley Road #8 - 130 E TA MAD
Seminole Trail TA MAD
Seneca Drive MB HC
Sentry Hill TA MAD
Sequoia Road MB MAD
Settlers Ridge DF HC
Shadowwood Lane BH HC
Shady Lane JR MAD
Sharon Road JR MAD
Shawnee Road MB HC
Shelbourne Road FT MAD
Shelter Rock Road DF HC
Shelton Road BH HC
Shelton Terrace MB MAD
Sherman Avenue JR MAD
Silver Lane BH HC
Sir Thomas Way TA MAD
Skating Pond Road DF HC
Skytop Drive DF HC
Skyview Drive BH HC
Smith Drive JR MAD
Smith Place JR MAD
Solar Ridge TA MAD
Soundview Avenue FT MAD
South Edgewood Avenue MB MAD
Southgate Road BH HC
Spinning Wheel Road DF HC
Split Rock Road DF HC
Sport Hill Road JR MAD
Spring Hill Road TA MAD
Spring Street JR MAD
Springwood Drive FT MAD
Spruce Street FT MAD
St. John's Drive BH HC
Stag Lane DF HC
Station Hill JR MAD
Stella Street BH HC
Stemway Road TA MAD
Stephanie Circle FT MAD
Sterling Road JR MAD
Stirrup Drive DF HC
Stonebridge Lane MB HC
Stonehouse Road TA MAD
Stoneleigh Road DF HC
Stones Throw BH HC
Stonewall Lane FT MAD
Stony Brook Circle FT MAD
Stowe Place BH HC
Strobel Road # 1 - 223 O DF HC
Strobel Road # 72 - 224 E BH HC
Strobel Road #225 - 999 O&E BH HC
Stuart Place FT MAD
Sturbridge Lane TA MAD
Summit Avenue MB MAD
Sunbeam Drive TA MAD
Sunnycrest Road FT HC
Sunnydale Road FT MAD
Sunnyridge Parkway MB HC
Sunrise Avenue JR MAD
Sunset Avenue MB HC
Surrey Lane TA MAD
Sutton Place MB MAD
Suzanne Circle FT HC
Sweetbriar Road BH HC
Sycamore Street FT MAD
Sylvan Avenue FT MAD
Tahoe Circle MB MAD
Tait Road MB MAD
Taits Mill Road MB HC
Talcott Court TA MAD
Tam Tashua Drive TA MAD
Tamarack Circle MB HC
Tanager Lane MB HC
Tanglewood Road TA MAD
Tashua Knolls Lane TA MAD
Tashua Lane TA MAD
Tashua Parkway TA MAD
Tashua Road TA MAD
Technology Drive TA MAD
Teeter Rock Road BH HC
Teller Road DF HC
Temple Street JR MAD
Thomas Street JR MAD
Thorburn Avenue FT HC
Three Trees Lane JR MAD
Timberlane Trail MB HC
Topaz Lane DF HC
Tory Lane BH HC
Towerview Circle DF HC
Towerview Drive DF HC
Trailwood Lane BH HC
Trefoil Drive TA MAD
Trumbull Road FT MAD
Tuckahoe Road JR MAD
Tudor Lane TA MAD
Tulip Street FT MAD
Tungsten Circle TA MAD
Tungsten Lane TA MAD
Turkey Meadow Road BH HC
Turner Avenue FT MAD
Turney Place MB MAD
Twelve O'clock Circle TA MAD
Twitchgrass Road MB HC
Twin Brooks Drive BH HC
Twin Circle Drive BH HC
Twisted Oak Circle JR MAD
Under Cliff Road DF HC
Unity Drive BH HC
Unity Park Road MB HC
Unity Road BH HC
Vail Court DF HC
Val-De-Mere Avenue MB MAD
Valley Road MB HC
Valley View Road MB MAD
Vazzano Place BH HC
Velvet Street TA MAD
Vesper Hill MB HC
Veterans Circle DF HC
Village Drive MB HC
Vintage Road DF HC
Vista Place MB HC
Vixen Road TA MAD
Wakeley Street FT MAD
Walker Road JR MAD
Waller Road FT MAD
Walnut Avenue FT MAD
Ward Place MB HC
Wareham Place DF HC
Washington Street MB HC
Wauneta Road MB MAD
Wedgewood Road TA MAD
Wendover Road TA MAD
Wendy Road FT MAD
Wesley Drive MB HC
West Lake Road BH HC
West Mischa Road BH HC
West Rock Road TA MAD
West Wind Road FT MAD
Westbrook Road JR MAD
Westfield Drive TA MAD
Westwood Road JR MAD
Whalburn Avenue FT MAD
Whalley Road FT HC
Wheeler Drive BH HC
Whippoorwill Lane MB MAD
White Birch Drive MB MAD
White Oak Road FT HC
White Plains Road MB HC
White Tail Lane DF HC
Whitefield Drive DF HC
Whitney Avenue # 9 - 181 O&E MB MAD
Whitney Avenue #312 - 999 O&E DF HC
Wigwam Lane TA MAD
Wildfire Lane DF HC
Wildflower Lane BH HC
Wildrose Lane BH HC
Wildwood Drive JR MAD
Williams Road FT HC
Willow Lane BH HC
Willowbrook Road BH HC
Wilmot Avenue MB MAD
Wilson Avenue FT MAD
Windmill Lane BH HC
Windy Ridge FT HC
Winhall Lane DF HC
Winslow Road FT MAD
Wintergreen Lane DF HC
Wintter Circle DF HC
Wisteria Drive MB HC
Wood Avenue JR MAD
Woodcrest Avenue BH HC
Woodfield Drive TA MAD
Woodhaven Drive TA MAD
Woodhill Road BH HC
Woodland Hills Drive TA MAD
Woodlawn Drive MB MAD
Woodmere Drive BH HC
Woodridge Circle FT MAD
Woodside Avenue MB HC
Woolsley Avenue FT HC
Wordins Lane DF HC
Yorktown Circle JR MAD
Zephyr Road JR MAD

Food Allergy Policy

nutsThe Trumbull Board of Education has passed a new policy regarding the Management of Food Allergies in the schools. This policy affects food being brought in for curriculum and celebrations. This and all policies can be found on the Policies page of this website.

Emergency Notification

In the event of an emergency, school delay, closure or early dismissal, notification is made to the following:

Ø  Radio Stations:WEBE 108 FM (107.9), 600 AM, 99.9 FM

Ø  TV Stations : WTNH – Channel 8, WNBC – Channel 6 and 30, WFSB –  Channel 3

    In addition, the information will be posted on the TPS home page and on Twitter.

    Refer to the school hours page for opening and closing times for schools.

Health Forms

healthEach pupil, before initial enrollment in the Trumbull Public Schools shall have had a health assessment. In addition, each pupil enrolled in Trumbull Public Schools shall have a health assessment at least once in each three year interval: in grade three, in grade six, and in grade nine. These forms and insurance enrollment form can be found here...

Wellness Newsletter

wellnessEvery month, September through May, the Trumbull Food Services posts a Wellness Newsletter with tips about healthy eating and living. Past issues can be found on the Wellness Page.

cesTPS is a member of CES - Cooperative Educational Services. CES provides quality educational opportunities for educators, students, families, and community