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District Master Plan


Report Completed, District Ready for First Step!

Thank you to all the community members, parents, students, educators, elected officials, district leaders, facilities staff and volunteers who have shared their feedback which guided the overall direction!  The Conditions Assessment and Master Plan report has been completed and posted to this project website, but the work continues as the district enters the grant application process with the “first step” in the preferred plan: a new Hillcrest Middle School.

The conditions assessment and master plan are intended to serve the district for years to come and guide the decision-making process. The preferred plan, as presented to the Board of Education on August 15, 2023, can be found within the “Past Events” section of the website, or in the Supplemental Materials section of the report. The plan as outlined may evolve over time to adapt to changing district needs.



On August 15, 2022, Tecton Architects was commissioned by Trumbull Public Schools to perform an educational facilities conditions assessment of twelve (12) schools and one (1) administrative office building in Trumbull, Connecticut. To deliver a District-Wide Master Plan, Tecton analyzed the existing school facilities, conducted a demographic study for enrollment projections, and identified a planning strategy for future educational delivery and building use that will serve the Town's student population for the next 10 to 15 years.

Key Components


The Vision 

As the “first step” in the Master Plan, the vision for a new Hillcrest Middle School maintains the existing grade level configuration (6-8) and imagines a brand new 21st Century learning environment and ground-up construction project on the existing campus for a total population of 826 students.  

Getting Ready – Submitting a Grant Application

To get ready for this first step of building a new Hillcrest Middle School, the district is preparing to submit a grant application to the state and hold a town-wide referendum.  The grant application is due on June 30, 2024, and a referendum is anticipated in November.  If the referendum passes and the project is placed on the priority list by the state, it moves to the legislature for approval during the Spring session in 2025. It is at this point that municipalities and districts typically begin the design and construction process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Priority Tiers

Priority Tiers

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Overall Timeline


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Sample New Construction

New Construction

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Recent Updates

On March 26, 2024, the Board of Education approved the Educational Specifications for the New Hillcrest Middle School!  This approval is a necessary step in the grant application process, which will be submitted to the state on June 30th.  The presentation has been posted to the Past Events section of the website.