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Later School Start Time

Current Goals

In the Fall of 2021, a Trumbull Public Schools Late School Start Committee (LSSC) was reformed with the intention of building upon the foundational work started by past committees around Late School Start in Trumbull Public Schools.  Current goals for the committee are to:

  • Further identify the levers that indicate a need for late start within a larger wellness themes.
  • Develop and implement stakeholder surveys regarding specific options. 
  • Pursue implications of on special populations, and athletics, as well as TLC and traffic 
  • Examine details of internal schedule changes needed for options. 
  • Collect information from districts who have implemented late school start both recently and in the past.  
  • Provide recommendations to the Board of Education regarding our findings.

The committee met throughout the year and a culmination of their work was presented at the May 24, 2022 Board of Education meeting. It was decided at that meeting that future efforts in the 2022-2023 school year will be focused on finding more information in regards to a 30-minute later school start time in specific. Click here to view the presentation slides from that meeting. 

Committee Members

  • Susan Iwanicki, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent, Chair
  • Edrina Laude '22
  • Eman Seyal '22
  • Derrek Ploski -23
  • Meredith Chamberlain, parent
  • Britney Cullinan, parent
  • Thomas Edwards, Trumbull High School Science Department Chair
  • Marc Guarino, Principal, Trumbull High School
  • Christina Hefele, Director of Digital Learning 
  • Michael King, Trumbull High School Athletic Director
  • Rob Martini, parent
  • John Mastrianni, President, Trumbull Education Association
  • Jennifer Neumeyer, Principal, Tashua Elementary School
  • Dawn Perkins, Transportation Coordinator
  • Bryan Rickert, Principal, Hillcrest Middle School
  • Stuart Schwartz, community representative 
  • Frank Squiccimarro, parent

Late School Start Options

Later School Options graphic

Late School Start Times: Research and News

There are a multitude of resources regarding last school start times and the impact of sleep on student performance. The Late School Start Committee encourages families to seek out their own resources, but below are a few for your consideration:


Resource Articles about Late School Start in Connecticut and Other Districts in Fairfield County 

Community Voice

Any member of the Trumbull community who would like to provide input to the Committee is encouraged to forward it via e-mail to the Committee Chair, Dr. Susan Iwanicki who will summarize it at the next Committee meeting as Correspondence received, and who will provide any feedback necessary after the meeting. Please note that such an e-mail is subject to disclosure based on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Late School Start Exploration Background 

Trumbull Public Schools began exploring Late School Start in February of 2019 and continued to gather information about the research and implications in March of 2020. 

On July 14, 2020, the Board of Education approved the creation of a district school-based Later School Start Time Committee with members from our students, teachers, administrators and community.  The committee met primarily in the fall of 2020 and explored different Late School Start timing options for Trumbull Public Schools. A final presentation of the 2020 Committee was presented to the Board of Education on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. Please click here for a copy of the November 10th presentation.