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Trumbull High School Wresting Team - Class LL Champions
Hillcrest Middle School
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Jane Ryan Elementary School
Daniels Farm Elementary School
TECEC Building
Tashua Building
Madison Middle School Building
Booth Hill building
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District-Wide Master Plan

The Board of Education is conducting a District-Wide Master Plan which will analyze the existing school facilities, conduct a demographic study for enrollment projections, and identify a planning strategy for future educational delivery and building use that will serve the Town’s student population for the next 10 to 15 years.  This process will engage the entire community including a diverse group of school administrators, students and faculty, committee members, businesses, Town staff and residents.  

Tecton Architects is conducting this study. One of the first steps in the process is to gather community input about what, if anything, is lacking in the school buildings and what residents want to see for the future of Trumbull.  Before any planning options are developed, or any decisions are made, we want to hear from you!  Your voice matters, and your input is vital to the process.


Group of Teenage Students

Vision of the Graduate

During the 2021-2022 school year, the Trumbull Public Schools organized a committee comprised of teachers, administrators, staff and community members to help define the vision of the graduate.  Through a year long process, the committee was able to develop a plan which outlines the skills and dispositions we feel that our graduates should have to be prepared for the future. In the 2022-2023, our teachers will be piloting the rubric for the skill, Communication, and the reflection form for the disposition, Growth Mindset in grades Kindergarten through 12. Teachers in grades 6-12, and those specialists who teach more than one section of students, will be piloting these tools with one of their classes.

Learn More About Vision of the Graduate @TPS

Residency Hotline

In an attempt to ensure that students from other districts are not attending the Trumbull Public Schools illegally, a reporting hotline has been established.

 Anyone with reason to believe that a student attending a Trumbull public school does not live in Trumbull is asked to make an anonymous report to the Assistant Superintendent’s office at 203-452-4303. 

Please leave detailed information, which may include student or family name, address, school they are attending, etc.  All calls will be thoroughly investigated with the removal of students found to be attending illegally.


Annual Notification &  Non-Discrimination- Policy Links & Contacts

Policy Links
To ensure access and safety for all students within a challenging and supportive academic environment, the Trumbull Board of Education regularly updates its annual notifications and non-discrimination policies. Click here to access a list of the key policies shared annually. 


For inquiries involving The American Disabilities Act or Section 504, please contact Director of Pupil Personnel Services,  Mr. Dean Catalano at 203-452-4352, For inquiries involving  Civil Rights Act, Title VI,  or Title IX, please contact the Director of Human Capital and Talent Development, Mr. Joseph J. Chella at 203-452-4350. Written communication can be sent according to these contacts at the Long Hill Administrative Offices, 6254 Main Street, Trumbull, CT 06611.